January 2 – 7, 2021


Led by Beth Mulligan, Hugh O’Neill, Casey Howe and Jamie Martin.


Since January 2015 Mindful-Way has been offering an in person 5-night silent retreat designed to help people start the New Year from a place of centered stillness. And as a way to support people in both their personal meditation practice and professional mindfulness based training. This coming New Year, January 2021, we will continue offering this meditation retreat remotely. And we invite you to begin the year by dropping into stillness and silence from the comfort and safety of your own home.

This 5-Night Silent Retreat is open to all sincere meditation practitioners and meets the retreat requirement for numerous mindfulness based trainings including MBSR & MSC.

You’ll be joining us via zoom,  (you don’t need a zoom account we’ll send you a participant link) practicing formally together for most of the day – with periods of sitting meditation, mindful movement and yoga, walking meditation and talks by the teachers. There will also be scheduled small group meetings with the teachers and personal time for informal practice, preparing and eating meals, taking care of yourself,  and your home in a way infused with Mindful awareness. Since April 2020, mindful-Way has conducted numerous remote/online retreats  with overwhelmingly positive results reported by participants.

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