Guiding Council

The Guiding Council holds a leadership role in working with the board and teachers to serve the needs of the ICD sangha. It replaces the former Guiding Teacher role with a more distributed and collaborative model.

If you would like to connect with a Guiding Council Teacher (GCT) regarding Dharma teachings or practice, send us a message here,

Please note that the GCT will do their best to reply within 24 hours.



Ian Challis

Jokai Blackwell

Mary Stancavage

Former Guiding Teachers


Beth Mulligan

Larry Yang



Cheryl Slean

Valerie Cusson

Pablo Das

Thomas Davis

Tenshin Fletcher

Lorene Jabola

Jampa Kalsang

Jim Yugen Lakey

John Martin

Rene Rivera

Rosamaria Segura

Phoenix Soleil

Carrie Tamburo

John Taylor

Yushin Tipton

Arinna Weisman

Katy Wiss

Eileen Ybarra

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