Insight Community of the Desert was established in 2012. Twelve local practitioners answered a call by Larry Yang to meet at his home to explore creating a meditation community in the Desert.

Over time, the 12 became a Steering Committee, then we incorporated and became a 501c3 non profit, a formal board was established and governs the organization to this day.

Our Board of Directors

  • Reuel Young, President
  • Anita Rehkers, Secretary
  • Larry Naishtut, Treasurer
  • Adrián Estrada, Diversity, Facility
  • Louise Lambert, Events
  • Lorene Jabola, Programs
  • Fran Hoag, Communications
  • Ian Challis, Representing Teachers Circle


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Our Guiding Council

  • Ian Challis
  • Lorene Jabola
  • Jokai Blackwell

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