Insight Community of the Desert was established in 2012. Twelve local practitioners answered a call by Larry Yang to meet at his home to explore creating a meditation community in the Desert.

Over time, the 12 became a Steering Committee, then we incorporated and became a 501c3 non profit, a formal board was established and governs the organization to this day.

Our Board of Directors

  • Reuel Young, President
  • Anita Rehkers, Secretary
  • Larry Naishtut, Treasurer
  • Adrián Estrada, Diversity, Facility
  • Louise Lambert, Events
  • Lorene Jabola, Programs
  • Fran Hoag, Communications
  • Ian Challis, Representing Teachers Circle

The board of Directors meets regularly before our Sunday Dharma talk.

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*We are creating a history page to remember our founders, our milestones and the incredible gifts of love, experience and time that our board, teachers and volunteers have offered to create this precious refuge that we call Insight Community of the Desert.