Offering Mindfulness Meditation

in the context of the Buddha’s teachings

in a welcoming community

Meditation for Everyone

Have questions about meditation?

We all do.

Whether you are curious about exploring meditation for the first time, or you’ve been practicing for years, questions about the instructions, postures, and challenges encountered are entirely normal!

We’re pleased to offer a monthly drop-in meditation class at 10:00 a.m. the first Saturday of every month, taught by one of our Guiding Council members. The class is geared toward beginners and those wanting a refresher or with questions about their practice. This one-hour class will be offered via Zoom.

The suggested donation for this class is $20

Saturday, August 6 – Jokai Blackwell

Saturday, September 3 – Mary Stancavage

Saturday, October 1 – Ian Challis

Sunday Teachings in August

Working with Difficult Emotions

At some point in our lives, especially during these trying times, we will have to deal with difficult emotions. We’ve usually developed coping mechanisms, but these may not always be the most skillful or beneficial means of facing our challenges. The Buddha offers a wise and compassionate way to turn towards our experience with kindness rather than with aversion.

Each Sunday during the month of August, our teachers will explore how to work with different emotions and mind states that we may find hard to be with. These will include shame, regret, grief, loss, love, hatred, sadness, and joy among others. Join us in August for these teachings on how to move away from our reactivity and towards liberation of the heart and mind.

Aug 7 Ian Challis Shame & Regret
Aug 14 Jokai Blackwell Love & Hatred
Aug 21 Mary Stancavage Grief & Loss
Aug 28 Yushin Tipton Sadness & Joy
Sep 4 Valerie Cusson Anger & Acceptance


Holding Each Moment with Wisdom & Love

A Residential Retreat with Leslie Booker, Arinna Weisman & Ian Challis

October 24 to November 24, 2022 at Dhamma Dena Meditation Center, Joshua Tree, CA

Spaces remain for self-identified Black, Indigenous, or People of Color

Option to register for the first, second, or both weeks of the retreat

General registration is waitlisted.

The Buddha offered us a path of healing and liberation through the calling in and strengthening of our capacity to love and to be wise. On this retreat we enter as a community into a training to meet with kindness whatever arises within ourselves. Through moment-to-moment mindfulness wisdom grows, allowing us to discern what reduces suffering and what strengthens it. We increasingly become aware of these moments of choice and the possibility of transformation.

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Join us online for these regular events…

Meditation as Refuge

6:30 – 8 pm

Meditation as Refuge extends a weekly invitation to everyone who would like to explore meditation as a support for their spiritual development. The intention is to focus on realizing our innate capacity for care, compassion and mutual respect.

Just Sit

5:30 – 6:15 pm

Join friends and sangha member for a silent 45 minute peer-led sit. Everyone is welcome!

Weekly Metta Meditation with Ian Challis and Friends

4:30 – 5:15 pm

When the Buddha’s followers felt anxious and afraid, he taught them the practice of metta or lovingkindness meditation. Metta is a form of practice that helps us touch deeply into our own hearts, uncover the energies of kindness and compassion, and share these energies for the benefit of all beings.

If you would like to explore this powerful practice, please join Ian Challis and friends online.  These 45 minute meetings will be practice- focused, with most of the time spent in meditation. If you are new to the practice, great! We will learn by doing.  After practice there will be time for questions and sharing.


Volunteering is a Beautiful Act of Generosity

Dear Sangha,

As we prepare to come back to in-person gatherings, there is also the opportunity to build in-person community again. Part of creating the space to share the dharma is the need for volunteers to support it.

Volunteering is a beautiful act of generosity and can be considered a form of dana. Your time helps to support the sangha and teachers which enables us to offer the dharma today, tomorrow, and beyond. Being of service in this way also lets us connect with others outside of the Zoom mosaic, gently moving into re-entry.

You can volunteer in any number of ways. Can you help set up a few chairs or tables? Can you help with checking people in at a daylong? Can you help greet at the Sunday group? Can you help with online support? There are several ways to help us move into this next iteration of ICD, and we really do need you.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Anette Libman at

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