Generosity Supports Community

Pledge Drive 2020

If you set up a recurring pledge via paypal, would you also please also fill out a physical pledge card, or notify us of your intention to pledge by contacting: Thanks!

Gratitude is like breathing in – letting ourselves be touched by the goodness in others and in our world. Generosity is like breathing out – sensing our mutual belonging and offering our care. When we are awake and whole, breathing in and out happens naturally.”

~Senior Insight Teacher Tara Brach

In Buddhist tradition there are two sides to the practice of dana: Freely giving, and feeling gratitude. They cannot function without each other, otherwise we may give out of guilt or obligation neither of which are ultimately freeing.

~ Reuel Young, Board President

Letter From Ian Challis, Guiding Teacher

Dear Friends, dear Sangha,

What a beautiful and rich year it has been at ICD! As I reflect on the events, programs, and times that we have shared as a community my heart is stirred with deep feelings of gratitude and joy. And I am so aware of your great love and generosity which supports the refuge of sangha that we offer freely to everyone who walks through our doors.

In early 2012 our community was just an idea, a beautiful possibility. Seven years later we are a vibrant spiritual home for many. ICD is a place of learning, of peace, of practice, of connection in a world that is urgently in need of these blessings. Every time we come together to practice as a community, every time we offer an event, every time we offer people new ways of relating, we give something of the highest value: The gifts of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

This year we’ve seen much growth in our program offerings: our first residential retreat, multiple visits from guest teachers reflecting diverse backgrounds and life experiences, 5 daylong retreats, sutta study and meditation classes. We’ve taken steps toward the dharmic practice of understanding racism through two powerful courses. We’ve come together for our first movie nights and the Palm Springs Pride parade. Our first Feast of Gratitude is coming up on November 28. A fundraiser with famed actor Alan Arkin on December 7. And we will cap off the year and begin 2020 with a week of practice.

Your presence, practice, and generosity is what keeps the heart of this community beating, and carries it into the future for those to come, just as we benefit from the support and love of generations before us.

Please join me in pledging or continuing your pledge of financial support for the connecting and healing
work that we do together, and so that this refuge stays strong and available for all who seek it.

With deep appreciation and metta,

Ian Challis, Guiding Teacher
December 2019

Letter from Reuel Young, President

Dear sangha,

Our tradition identifies three sacred refuges: the Buddha-nature within each of us; the dharma – the teachings; and, the sangha – the spiritual community that supports our practice. But all three are intangible: Where is Buddha nature? Where is the dharma? Where is the community?

While none of these reside in the manifest physical world, there is a place where they come together to provide an experience of safety and hope. That place is the physical manifestation of Insight Community of the Desert, the home where we share our practice.

This place exists in the physical world, and is supported by our tangible contributions. It is the intersection of the unmanifest and the manifest: our beautiful intentions toward wholeness and a place and structure that supports them.

I am writing to ask you to extend your practice, or to continue to extend your practice through dana, the act of giving from the heart. Your support allows ICD to continue offering a physical, tangible base that supports all of us as we learn, practice, and experience more freedom and ease in our hearts.

In Buddhist tradition there are two sides to the practice of dana: Freely giving, and feeling gratitude. They cannot function without each other, otherwise we may give out of guilt or obligation neither of which are ultimately freeing.

Our hope for this Pledge Drive is that the sangha will increase monthly pledges to $2,200 which will cover half ICD’s fixed expenses. This steady, reliable stream of demonstrated generosity brings stability and sustains our ability to offer programs and refuge. 

With gratitude and metta,

Reuel A. Young, President
Board of Directors, Insight Community of the Desert
December 2019

My spiritual journey has been enriched and supported by Insight Community of the Desert. My ability and willingness to be with my unfolding experience with its joys and sorrows has been incredibly supported by the teachings and community I find at ICD.

I give as generously as I can to ICD because I know that I am supporting a place and people that I hold dear, a home that I hope will thrive for many years. My generosity is a practice, a practice from the heart.

~A sangha member