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Pledge Drive 2022

“In nature nothing exists alone.” – Rachel Carson


“When we tread any path, start any project, embark on any journey, it is often easier to do it in the company of friends and associates than alone. We learn both individually and collectively. This is why the Buddha offered the teachings of Sangha, of Community: because there is both wisdom and freedom in exploring our collective experience.”  – Larry Yang

Letter from the Insight Community of the Desert Board of Directors

Dear Friends,

2022 saw the Insight Community of the Desert come together in many ways. We began to meet in-person again on Sundays; we had several daylong retreats, and we continued a strong online presence. We also celebrated our tenth anniversary with a beautiful gathering last spring. What became very clear, however, is that we could not just pick up where we were before the lockdown – too much had changed. We appreciated your patience as we navigated this new reality with different iterations of our classes.

As we move into 2023, our intention is to consider what our sangha looks like today while we continue to offer the teachings in meaningful ways and to support you, our sangha, as best we can. To that end, we write today to ask that you make an end of the year gift to Insight Community of the Desert. When you make a donation, you support your friends in the Sangha who, in turn, support you as you travel your path. 

Your donations to ICD are used to defray operational costs, supplement dana to teachers, and to maintain a modest reserve to support us in the event we are able to locate a regular in-person meeting space. 2022 was a drain on our resources as expenses exceeded income.

You might consider making a recurring gift, a pledge that you can fulfill over the course of the year. This allows us to plan wisely and with confidence. Whatever you can offer is greatly appreciated.  

Nor is making a gift necessary; the Dharma is offered freely and with joy. If you are unable to make a gift at this time, know that your presence and participation is deeply valued. 

Thank you for being part of the ICD Community. We hope you are well and wish you peace and happiness this holiday season,


The ICD Board of Directors

The Guiding Teachers Council



My spiritual journey has been enriched and supported by Insight Community of the Desert. My ability and willingness to be with my unfolding experience with its joys and sorrows has been incredibly supported by the teachings and community I find at ICD.

I give as generously as I can to ICD because I know that I am supporting a place and people that I hold dear, a home that I hope will thrive for many years. My generosity is a practice, a practice from the heart.

~A sangha member

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