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Pledge Drive 2019

The cultivation of generosity is the beginning of the path…The path begins there because of the joy that arises from a generous heart. ~Sharon Salzberg

November 18, 2018

Dear Friends,

            Many Buddhist texts begin with these words, “Oh nobly born, remember who you really are.”
How fortunate that the ICD sangha is a spiritual home whose teachers, teachings and practices support a liberating remembrance of our inherent Buddha nature. Our reciprocity for the treasure of these blessings is dana, the Pali word for generosity.

            Your choice to be a generous steward of your spiritual home through your financial support provides the assurance that ICD will continue as a sacred container where we may gather as spiritual friends and support one another in our practice.

            It is only through the funds raised in last year’s pledge drive and the weekly dana contributions that we were able to rent and maintain our facility, create a vestibule, install programmable thermostats, invite inspiring guest teachers, and most importantly offer programs with no one ever turned away for lack of funds. To maintain an equally forward movement in 2019, ICD requires a budget of more than $65,000, three-quarters of which covers fixed costs including rent, utilities, and insurance. The balance providing programming including daylong retreats, special classes, guest teachers, and weekly sits.

             Your support is essential for ICD to continue being a place of refuge, practice and community.
Every dollar raised is a direct expression of your generosity and sustains this community we hold so dear. Just as we gently stretch ourselves in our practice, we invite you to gently stretch in your practice of giving to support this sacred place that offers refuge and inspiration.

May what we each offer today sustain our beloved community and the dharma into the future.

With metta and gratitude,

Reuel Young, Board President & Ian Challis, Guiding Teacher

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Supporting our spiritual homes and communities is an essential part of practice. Your giving directly supports this place of refuge

Note: If you set up a pledge online, please also fill out a physical pledge card, or notify us of your intention to pledge by email: Thank you!

“Generous giving is not only a beautiful teaching, it is an essential teaching for the survival of the Dharma into the future.” ~Larry Yang, Founding Teacher

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My spiritual journey has been enriched and supported by Insight Community of the Desert. My ability and willingness to be with my unfolding experience with its joys and sorrows has been incredibly supported by the teachings and community I find at ICD.

I give as generously as I can to ICD because I know that I am supporting a place and people that I hold dear, a home that I hope will thrive for many years. My generosity is a practice, a practice from the heart.

~A sangha member