Alan Arkin appeared at a sold out event at Insight Community of the Desert on December 7, 2019. All of us at ICD are so deeply moved and grateful for our community being able to raise $16,400 at this event. In response, this note from Ian Challis, our Guiding Teacher:

Dear fellow dharma travelers,

I want to voice my deep appreciation for the Alan Arkin event yesterday and your support! Alan is a true dharma teacher and it makes my heart so happy that he took his seat at ICD yesterday with such kindness, humor, and wisdom! His generosity benefits ICD so profoundly. Not just financially, but as a valued and respected home for teachings like we experienced yesterday; as an organization that is learning as it grows and responds; and as a sangha — a practice community that is our individual and collective support.

This event is so blessed, it profoundly supports ICD and our purpose, and it teaches me the true “contagiousness” of a single act of generosity rippling out and inspiring us, inspiring our community, to experience the joy of giving, the opening of the heart, and the connection that comes from that opening. I’m in a lovely awe of the generosity of everyone who gave, organized and supported this day.

I especially want to thank our past guiding teacher Beth Mulligan, and her partner Hugh O’Neill for their generosity and kind-heartedness in creating and supporting this opportunity. Larry and Stephen, thank you and bless you for your energy, precision, and wisdom in producing the event and supporting it every step of the way. Anita, Louise, Fran, Adrian, Larry, Lorene, Reuel, thank you and bless you for supporting this event in the absolutely essential ways that you did.


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