We are delighted to announce that Ian Challis just completed the two year Community Dharma Leaders Teacher Training Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County California.  Ian graduated on Saturday April 29, 2017 with 90 of his classmates.  Over the past 15 years, the Community Dharma Leaders (CDL)  program has established an invaluable foundation and accumulated experience in preparing and training leadership skills in service of sharing the Buddhadharma in our relationships- interpersonal, local sanghas, organizations, and various communities.

The Community Dharma Leaders program includes comprehensive training and competencies needed to:

  • Bring Dharma values and sensibilities into leadership within lay practice, professional, secular, and community venues;
  • Lead sitting groups;
  • Teach beginning classes and daylong retreats;
  • Develop community-based sanghas and dharma organizations;
  • Expand access to the teachings beyond previously served populations;
  • Embody the skills needed for attunement, empathy and sensitivity to the role of teacher, the communities being taught and within the context of team teaching.
  • Facilitate rites of passage and develop competency with Buddhist ritual; and
  • Explore community outreach to people and communities heretofore underrepresented.

More than 300 graduates of previous CDL programs have played a significant role in the spreading of the Dharma over the past decade. They’ve created new Dharma opportunities for many different communities; they’ve created new meditation centers; they’ve supported senior teachers in the Dharma; and they’ve helped to bring the Dharma into the broad range of life experiences in the West.

We offer Ian our heartfelt congratulations and deep gratitude for his teaching and leadership at Insight Community of the Desert.  Many blessings on this auspicious event.

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