Valerie Cusson

Valerie Cusson

Visiting Teacher

Valerie Cusson M.Ed., has found meaning, community and her spiritual home in the dharma since 2001 when she checked out a book about the Dalai Lama from her local library. A few years later she discovered Vipassana meditation and the heartfelt teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. The peace she had sought for so long began revealing itself in beautiful moments on and off the cushion.

She was moved to share the dharma with others and completed Level I Community Facilitator Training with Noah Levine and JoAnna Hardy in 2012 and Level II Facilitator Training with JoAnna Hardy and Vinny Ferraro in 2016. She continues to participate in dharma trainings and residential retreats to deepen her own practice and be better prepared to be of service to the dharma. Currently, she is drawn to the feminine energy and wisdom of dharma teachers JoAnna Hardy, Erin Treat and Jill Shepherd.

She knows, from the fruits of her own practice, that the dharma can be found in all aspects of modern life and is grateful to be able to share her learnings with all who seek ease and connection as they explore the transformative and liberating teachings of the Buddha.

Valerie identifies as a Mexican-American, cisgender, heterosexual, working class wife and mother and earns her living as a high school special education teacher. She considers her job to be a gift of Right Livelihood and is glad to be able to spend her days with resilient young people.

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