Compassion & Care

“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path”

– The Buddha

Supporting Each Other

Compassion and service are hallmarks of the spiritual life. The purpose of the Compassion & Care Committee is to facilitate matching one person’s need with someone willing to offer support. It may be something as simple as a visit or a phone call. If you have a need or if you wish to be available to others, please see any of the members of the Committee:

Carolyn Havert

Larry Havert

Todd Skiles

Michael Hough

You may also contact Todd Skiles at (760) 413-5122 (voice or text) or use one of the links below.



This will be a community-wide effort. It is our hope to create a large pool of volunteers who will be contacted on an as-needed basis. It is actually our goal that everyone sign up, as the more Sangha members volunteering, the less frequently we’d need to contact any one member — thereby keeping this as a very manageable commitment for members of our community. We understand that availability and resources vary in one’s life – or the nature of a particular assignment might not be suitable for you in any given moment. As such, we envision this as a service that will feel satisfying while not burdensome. And for recipients of services, the Compassion and Care committee will do its best to meet your needs – BUT please keep in mind that, as this program is entirely volunteer provided — it might not always be possible.