Generosity 2018

November 18, 2017

Dear Friends,

We are, every one of us, creating this sangha called Insight Community of the Desert. It is a fragile and resilient entity, just as we are as individuals. And it is our individual choices – when we sit together, when we share the wisdom of our Insight tradition, when and how we support this community experience – that open and hold this sangha that is a refuge for us all.

Here, we come together for weekly sits, classes, support meetings and daylong retreats for silence and exploration to deepen our personal practice. ICD is a respite from the craziness of our times, and it is a refuge where we nurture each other through our gentle greetings and acceptance. And of course our sangha requires financial support as well as our spiritual practice in order to be sustained.

The Board of Directors and teachers join us in expressing our profound gratitude for your committed support throughout 2017 – through your donations, your volunteer work, and your active participation.

This letter represents the official launch of our annual pledge and gift drive. Your financial support is an essential component to sustain ICD and make it possible for all who walk through its doors to find refuge in our precious, inclusive sangha. In 2016 we received pledges totaling approximately $18,000. Combining this with all other revenues, we fell short of expenditures, resulting in a deficit of $6,000. Our 2018 budget includes a rent increase, and so this year’s fundraising goal is $27,000.

Together, we can bridge this gap and flourish! Please join us in supporting this community we hold so dear by making a one-time, tax-deductible gift or a financial pledge to be paid over twelve months. Your support is vital to our continued ability to offer dharma and community for the benefit of all beings.


With metta and gratitude, 

Reuel Young, Board President &  Beth Mulligan, Guiding Teacher


Note: If you set up a pledge online, please also fill out a physical pledge card, or notify us of your intention to pledge by email: Thanks!

“Generous giving is not only a beautiful teaching, it is an essential teaching for the survival of the Dharma into the future.” ~Larry Yang, Founding Teacher

Please Support ICD with your one-time or recurring donation

This place we call sangha is so very important to me. After years of chasing material possessions and ego-boosting titles, I realized I need a spiritual refuge where I can learn and practice Buddha’s teachings. When I joined this sangha I learned that lovingkindness – the foundation of our insight tradition – could also be directed towards myself. I am more content and I am a happier person.

~A sangha member