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Daylong Retreat with Pablo Das:

Connect and Sustain – A Day of Practice and Connection for the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

As the world continues to change, we come together again in a contemplative space to practice presence for ourselves and for one another. This daylong retreat will include periods of mindfulness practice as well as periods of discussion and interpersonal practices.

Please join Insight Community of the Desert’s day long retreat created especially for those who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, from all faith traditions, who feel that they might benefit from meditation.

In an external world that is still caught in the collective suffering of homophobia and discrimination, it is often difficult for people who are LGBTQIA+ to find space for spiritual refuge and safety. This event is intended as a sacred space for the LGBTQIA+ community. LGBTQIA+ meditators of all levels and ages are invited and we respectfully request that only those who self identify as such attend.

A Message from ICD Guiding Teacher Beth Mulligan

Supporting “Connect and Sustain” LGBTQIA+ Retreat

Did you know that ICD is coming up on our 5th anniversary? We are! And we’re going to celebrate together in a really special way, and that invitation will come soon. However this is a different kind of invitation about something I feel deeply called to do and to support, and I wanted to share it with you and see if you might feel moved to join me.

Let me back up for just a minute and say, how fortunate and grateful I feel to have been invited in to participate at ICD, first as a participant, then a guest teacher, then core teacher and now the current guiding teacher. Through the dedicated and hard work of the founders, who built this from the ground up in various living rooms, we have become a vibrant, growing, safe place for people to practice, connect, decrease suffering individually and collectively, and grow in wisdom and compassion.

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In July of 2015, we took a leap of faith to move into our own space and…so far so good. Thanks to you and your committed practice, donations and pledges. Having our own space has allowed us the flexibility to have gatherings when we need them spontaneously -as we did after the Orlando shootings and the November Election. We have a constant refuge now.

I offer a deep bow to the founders. Because of their vision and values, I find myself in an organization passionately committed to inclusiveness, diversity and a safe place for everybody. You see these are some of my main core values too.

As you know practice is way more than sitting on a cushion or walking very, very slowly… It’s about how our hearts and our ethics meet to guide the whole way we live our lives. So how do these values play out at ICD? Last year we hosted our first People of Color class and Daylong retreat through a generous grant and through the expert wisdom and teachings, of our founding teacher Larry Yang. Larry has been on the forefront of bringing everyone into the Dharma rooms for many years and is a national leader in this effort. In September 2015, we had our first LGBQTI retreat led by Pablo Das, (a long-time gay Buddhist teacher in Los Angeles, And we have had several daylong retreats for women in recent years. The safety of these identity-based retreats has not created separation, but rather to strengthen all of us to be more inter-connected in our safety and well-being in ourselves and to those who may seem different than ourselves.

I am a heterosexual cis-gendered female and here is my invitation to the whole sangha. On June 24th, Pablo Das is coming back to offer another LGBQTI daylong. I personally want to make sure that this happens regardless of numbers of participants or anyone’s ability to pay, while still ensuring that Pablo, who is coming from LA for the whole weekend, is compensated fairly. I am personally sponsoring three spots at $45.00 a person, will you support the different communities in our sangha and match me? Or do the best you can? Even if it is $5.00?

If so please see the button below or speak to a board member (whoever is making the announcements) at our next Sunday meeting.

I know together we can make this a great service to all who need it.

With love and gratitude,


Mindfulness in a CrAzy World: a daylong retreat with Beth Mulligan and Larry Yang

Saturday, July 22, 2017

How do we develop mindfulness and compassion in the midst of the world’s contradictory craziness?” Join us to explore mindfulness and loving-kindness practices in demanding and challenging times.

This First Noble Truth that there is suffering in our lives—seems to be even more apparent these days than not. We live in a world that encourages us to get away with as much as we can, while giving as little as possible. Some leaders and messages in the larger culture encourage us to win at any cost, to hoard as much material wealth as possible, and to gain as much power as we can. One current advertising slogan paraphrases a cynical aphorism of doing things before asking any permission because it is easier to ask for forgiveness afterwards than to ask for permission.

Is this how we wish to live our lives? We know if you are reading this you don’t, however you may be asking, “How do we develop mindfulness and compassion in the midst of this contradictory craziness?” Join us to explore mindfulness and lovingkindness practices in demanding and challenging times. Create the stillness and peacefulness internally, that is so needed in the external world. We already have this peace within us, sometimes, like these times, it just needs some extra space to emerge and become strong. The intention of this retreat is to provide this kind and open space for all of us.

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    First Sunday of each month, 3:00pm

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